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The real Estate Agency Manaso is a company that offers high quality and low price service. We would assist you to sell or buy a property with a commission of 1,5% of the final price agreement. This commission will include a full service regarding viewings, financial and legal consultation, and dealing with all the paper work. Furthermore, we make intensive check-ups on all documents concerning the contract. When it comes to rental and letting our commission equals half of the rent.

You can never know how much exactly the property you have chosen will set you back in the end. It is the market that sets the price. However, knowing the key factors dictating on the real estate market is essential to make an approximate property valuation.

Can we value our property alone? We strongly advise you against it!

We have seen many ads on the internet being offered at prices which are overestimated and unreal, because the majority of the owners have no idea of the current supply and demand trends. Putting a property on the market at inflated price is a complete waste of time. Keeping up with the market trends and consulting a specialist about the real price of a property is what we belive to be the shortest way of striking a deal quickly and surely. This is because there are too many important parameters to be taken into account when determining the fair market value of a property: the historical, statistical and economical data regarding the price of a square meter for a particular region, the number of the mortgage loans granted by the whole bank system, the foreign investments in Bulgaria, long and short-term tendencies on the market, the financial and political stability, the volume of real estate sales, the level of competition etc. The analysis of this information, which directly influences the pricing of a property, can be made at the moment when you, our clients, are one of the principal parties to a real estate transaction. Based on the whole information that you have given us concerning a certain property (whereabouts, infrastructure, square metres, construction, condition and characteristics) and the impression you got when viewing the property, we can provide you with our objective expert opinion about the possibility of realizing this property on the market and its relevant price.

Giving you this rough estimate of the market value of the property is entirely free of charge. The Team of MANASO REAL ESTATE is ready to assist you in determining the prices on the property market, which should be both worth it and reasonable.